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December 24, 2013: X-Mas Special 2013
This year has been a busy year here at The STARGATE Mod. Although we haven't presented much we have evidently been hard at work. A significant amount of issues has been fixed and new features have been added but most of these things are hard to talk about if your audience can't play the game and therefore can't appreciate the updates.
Mostly that leaves us with screenshots of environment art or model renders. In that vein here are two images of our new Jaffa character model that we've been working on for so long. The Jaffa are frozen - what else did you expect - in stasis chambers of the Ancients:

Jaffa on Ice
Jaffa on Ice

And since we seem to be putting out one or two videos every other year here's one of those time-lapse development videos (like we've already done with Maceria) of our Roswell47 complex:

Roswell 47 - Stages of Development (2008-2013)

The game is still a ways off from our envisioned final product but already highly playable and great fun as can be attested to by our playtesters and hopefully, soon, by you as well. We would like to take this year's holiday update as an opportunity to announce that we'll be making our game beta publicly available next year.

We'll be doing this in steps. To ensure a smooth release we want to slowly increase the amount of players with access to the game. Everyone who has already applied for testing over the last few years has a good chance to gain early access. You can of course still apply just as well, and here is one important amendment: If you are able to host a Source Engine dedicated server you have a high chance of jumping the waiting list. We need server administrators to host some Stargate Mod servers so that everybody can get a slot and play once this goes public. And once we've successfully tested how our shipping tools and the game itself handle under larger player numbers and everything works out we should be able to go fully public without a hitch.

Thank you all for your interest and support, we hope you're looking forward to 2014 as much as we are. Now let us send you off into the holidays with some screenshots of a previously undisclosed planet called Hertea. Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!

Temple of the Gods
Stairway to the Temple
Behind the Stargate
Ruins in the Desert
Tomb of the Pharao
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