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July 24, 2012: News News (and Website News)
Hello everyone,

I'd like to thank all the fans who have been following us over the past months and years. Following us all quietly, just a number in our Steam Community and ModDB profiles, as subscribers to our YouTube channel or via our newsletter service, forum announcements or by simply visiting our website now and again.
Special thanks go out to those who are actively trying to support us and shape the mod that we're developing by starting and participating in discussions on our forums!

Now it does not elude us that especially for the first crowd there has not always been a steady flow of updates and information regarding The STARGATE Mod. Writing big chunks of news requires time and effort and most of the time involves more than one person of our team. Images and videos need to be prepared and made look good, text needs to be written, revised and translated, announcements need to be posted all around the web.

In addition to our news posts we do have our blogs which help to break up big chunks of news (and the time between them). But they are more personal and lack the broader appeal that news posts bring to the table so not everyone may be interested in certain blog entries and to be honest we haven't been maintaining those a lot lately. Wink

However Redline wrote one just two weeks ago. And this is part of what we would like to announce today: We have committed to posting updates more frequently and as blogs are less flamboyant than full-blown news and most everyone here has something to talk about we'll be writing more of those than before. Right now there are two more in progress actually with plans for future blogging already laid out.
This of course does not mean that they will replace news updates, it means more updates in general, but don't expect a big update to pop up ever two weeks. Small updates however... now here's something completely new for us: We've created a Twitter account and plan on utilizing it to release bite-sized updates and info about progress or what's on our mind, without having to worry about all that PR work mentioned above.

This itself was not enough and we felt that these changes in our PR habits also call for change on our website. The blog entries were mostly drowned by big news postings and we wanted to integrate our Twitter feed nicely into our news feed so you would be able to enjoy all the latest information from the comfort of our website with just a glance at the front page.
Hence we've now added a small info box at the top of said "Home" page. If you're reading this on that front page you just need to look or scroll up to see it, which you probably already have. It features a list of the most recent blog posts to the left and reads Twitter updates on the right. Hovering over a tweet displays you the full text and a timestamp. Clicking on it will open a small pop-up which additionally lets you apply the usual Twitter features such as replying and retweeting without actually leaving our website.

We hope you enjoy this new upgrade of our site and that you'll enjoy our upcoming updates all the same.

Stay tuned and don't forget to follow us, wherever.
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