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We are always looking for talented Game Developers: Check out our Open Positions and then fill out our Application Form.

amogan (Director of Operations, Coding, Mapping, Website)
Major_Exodus (2D & 3D Arts, Mapping)
swatty (Mapping, 2D & 3D Arts, Visual Effects)

Assassin21 (3D Arts, Mapping)
Pac_187 (3D Arts)
Sidewinder (Team Management, Accounts & Server Administration, Mapping, Coding)

K3nny (Server Provider, Mapping)
Loki (Server Provider, Forum Moderator)
Paulos (Server Provider, Translator, Forum Moderator)
stive (Research, Organization)

Andy (Mapper)
antisphere (Concept Art)
aph0x (3D Arts)
B.K. (Modeling & Animation)
Bulletproof (Modeling)
cashed (3D, Animation and Environment Artist)
chip (Sound and Music Director)
Dbzman (former Mapping Co-Lead)
Doppel G (former Lead 2D Artist)
EdMolf (2D Arts, former Lead 2D Artist)
Fuzyhead (Mapping Lead)
HIDA01 (Supporter, Video Artist)
Jack O'Neill (2D & 3D Arts)
jedizebra (2D & 3D Arts)
Kopter (Animation)
Lensflare (Coding)
mnemic (Sound & Music)
MOOMANiBE (Animation)
mpro (2D & 3D Arts)
Navaro (M4A1 and M9 Beretta Sounds)
NeedL (Sound & Music)
Nightmaremutant (Sound Artist)
Noxpower (2D Arts)
Officer Red (Research, Forum Moderator)
Phil-83 (former Sound & Music Lead)
PhillTheMayor (Modeling)
Ray (former Modeling Lead)
Redline (Mapper)
Reevs (Modeling)
Samy (3D Arts)
Savarez (Sound Artist)
Scosh (Animation)
Se7en (Animation)
Serious.Ray (3D Arts)
St.Bambuka (2D & 3D Arts)
stino (Mapping)
TacticalSiege (3D Arts)
Vincenzo.ch (Modeling & Animation)
WEst (Mapping)
WulF (Mapper)

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