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Bekannte Fehler und Geplante Features



This list is a summary of both the most critical known issues in our current public beta that significantly change or destroy the overall gaming experience, as well as future feature additions that we have planned for the game. We are working hard to resolve the game's issues as soon as possible and are looking forward to implementing the new features.

In the future we are planning to offer a more advanced public issue tracker, which will allow you to browse all the currently open issues instead of just the major ones listed here and perhaps also to report issues directly to the development team. In the meanwhile, please use our forums to report any issues that you encounter that are not yet listed below.

Hint: You can find statistics on the number of internally known and resolved issues in our Work and Development Statistics.

Major Known Issues


  • The game crashes after one or more map changes.
    Workaround: none (you have to restart the game). Sadly this is an issue of the Source Engine version we are using and there is no fix yet. Future upgrades to a newer Source Engine version might fix this.
  • The "beep" (tinnitus) sound or 'sound-muffling' you hear when you get killed by a grenade or staff weapon sometimes does not dissipate.
    Workaround: Open the console and enter the command "snd_restart". We have pre-bound the F9 so you can also just hit F9 in-game. Alternatively, in the options menu, you can change the sound output device in the Audio tab (e.g., to headphones), click "Apply" and then change it back to the original value. This will reset your sound.
  • Grenades and items keep falling through the ground.
    Workaround: a server restart usually fixes this problem. This is a very rare issue that mostly seems to affect Linux dedicated servers.
  • The ringtransporter sometimes fails to teleport players.
    Workaround: none, other than trying again. We are aware of this issue and will solve it in a future update.
  • Pink reflections in the environment.
    Workaround: restart the game. This is a known Source issue that may occur when changing window states (toggling fullscreen/windowed mode, minimizing, changing window focus or hitting "Alt + Tab").

The STARGATE Mod Installer

No known issues thus far ;)

The STARGATE Mod Notifier

No known issues thus far ;)

Important Planned Features

Content and functionality is added incrementally to The STARGATE Mod. This helps us to polish the game part by part and will guarantee that you receive new exciting content in the future.

The following list should give you an overview of some of the planned features that will be added in future updates:

  • Ability for players to prone (i.e., crawl on the ground)
  • More weapons for both teams, including grenades
  • A large number of new maps and game modes
  • New enhanced models and animations for weapons and players
  • A variety of improved and new sound effects and voice overs
  • An overhauled GUI, main menu and loading screen
  • And much, much more...

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