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May 20, 2013: Development Statistics
For quite a long while now we've been keeping track of the game's development internally with various tools, custom made and third-party. This helps ease our workflow immensely. The time one might require to keep other team members up-to-date with progress reports and vice-versa can be put into actual development. Files are neatly managed and version controlled, issues and future plans can be treated and drafted easily.
This allows us to not just road-map the future, but also the past. Earlier this month we decided to share some of this past with you.

When browsing our Home page you will notice a new info bar right between the updates and the big news articles.

This dev-stats bar gives a quick overview of our development over the last 30 days. If you click on the more statistics link to the right you will get a more detailed view including numbers from over the course of the last week (7 days) as well as a graph going back about two years.

Here's a quick guide to what's what:

   Every team member can log what they're working on and when they're doing it. This shows the cumulative logged hours of the given month.

   A changeset in this case is basically an update to the game. Whenever someone updates, adds or removes one or more files in our internal beta it constitutes a changeset. Game patches or versions if you will.

   This should be pretty self-explanatory. They display the size of our internal beta version of the game. As this includes test files and some other things that may not make it into the initial public release, expect these to drop for the open beta.

   Tickets in their simplest form can be thought of as bug reports. Most of them are, but close to half are actually feature requests and other things that need to be done. The closed state indicates that the issue has been taken care of (being resolved or rejected) whereas the open state signals anything from debatable and non-confirmed through accepted to in progress. Note that for the purpose of this graph the values have been multiplied by 10 for stronger visibility. So no, at the time of writing there are 330 open tickets rather than 3300. Lucky us. Wink

All of these development statistics are refreshed each day. We hope you enjoy this bit of insight into our making of this game and appreciate to be able to see how actively we're working on it at any time.
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